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From this literal sense, Lewis Carroll, in his novel Through the Looking Glass playfully coined a further figurative sense for portmanteau meaning a word that fuses two or more words or parts of words to give a combined meaning. Risqué (also risque) sexually suggestive; 59 in French, the meaning of risqué is "risky with no sexual connotation. Receive emails with our daily offers. The Lavatoire was the holy stone upon which the bodies of ecclesiastics, priest and members of the clergy, were once washed after their deaths, in order to prepare them for the afterlife, for their journey to heaven.

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"accomplished fact something that has already happened and is thus unlikely to be reversed; a done deal. "wit of the stairs a concise, clever statement you think of too late, that is, on the stairs leaving the scene. Crèche a nativity display; more commonly (in the United Kingdom a place where children are left by their parents for short periods in the supervision of childminders; both meanings still exist in French. "camp helper A military officer who serves as an adjutant to a higher-ranking officer, prince or other high political dignitary. Perchoir et sa seconde adresse sur le toit du BHV Marais,. Lavatoire or Lavatory A once commonly used British term for a toilet or water closet. Trou de loup lit.

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