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and actually (try to) speak French with them. This is a way to ask if someone is looking for anything in particular, namely, sex. What gets you going? Twister, 29 ans, phyl, 54 ans, teenboy, 20 ans. Jockey, 43 ans, nantes, Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire.

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Benjamin, 21 ans, heyoo, 50 ans, manu, 39 ans. SLT : Salut or simply, Hey. After years of guillotining, the French are dubious of bodies without heads. But when youre chatting with a Frenchman online, youll notice very quickly that you arent speaking Voltaires French. Have any other French words that have popped up while messing around with online dating? As in, are you a top? Français, anglais, espagnol tablette mobile web, visiter, inscription, déjà membre. What are you into? Belgam, 46 ans, js1, 48 ans, viper, 36 ans.

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